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#9 Polar Sauna

polar sauna
polar sauna rating

A beautifully crafted sauna which will accent any house, the Polar Sauna is something to take note of. We couldn't help but notice its sleek and classic design, utilizing lights, and a simple, yet beautiful door.


Polar's Far Infrared Sauna shows the difference between good craftsmanship and great craftsmanship. As explained on their product listings, they are dedicated to making some of the best saunas in the US. With years of experience beyond most on our list, we notice a difference in their look and feel above the rest. Polar Saunas has been able to successfully create a sauna that appeals to sauna buyers with a distinctly classic taste.

That being said, the performance of this sauna is not as strong as its roots. Despite having many great qualities and components that give this sauna a good chance to provide medical benefits to its users, such as the infrared heating system, the shape of the sauna negatively affects the even distribution of heat. It is not as powerful or fast as some of the other saunas on our list and it may be too tall to fit in most homes without a raised ceiling.

Highlighted Features of the Polar Sauna

  • Infrared technology heaters
  • Furniture grade wood cabinetry
  • Chromotherapy Upgrade available
  • Digital Controls
  • AM/FM/CD Player
  • Classic sauna design


The performance is not up to par with the rest of the saunas higher on our list. We found that the consistency and durability of the sauna was more of an issue compared to its competitors. Despite its beautiful/classic appearance, it's reliability needs improvement.