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#6 Finlandia Outdoor Sauna

finlandia outdoor sauna
finlandia outdoor sauna rating

For a company that’s been around for more than 50 years, they certainly understand what it takes to engineer a good sauna. That’s why they landed themselves on our top 10 list.


Finlandia's saunas are ahead of the game when it comes to knowing the reasons why saunas exist. A sauna is not just to feel good, nor is it just a getaway. There is more to a sauna than just simple pleasure. Finlandia builds their saunas to provide health benefits and promote a “Healthy Ritual,” as they call it. This is a critical factor we search for in the saunas we review, because a sauna is first and foremost a type of therapy.

Our main concern, is the appearance of the sauna. We take our reviews very seriously and while we understand looks aren't everything, we have to take into account that any sauna is a huge addition to a home. Something more practical could have sufficed. The sauna's very rustic appearance is too specific for just any home, unless you have a cabin in the woods. A better, more conservative look would have allowed this sauna to score higher in this department.

Highlighted Features of the Finlandia Sauna

  • Digital Controls
  • Infrared Heating
  • Benches and backrests
  • Heater Guards

Finlandia prides themselves on their authenticity. They claim to build their saunas to the industry standards with true cut wood paneling. They only use quality materials to build their saunas and they are a company that puts service and quality first. In addition to the quality materials they use to create their products, the company also comes from the birthplace of saunas, Finland. It is in Finland where sauna culture originated and is well established. This adds major credibility to Finlandia's already competitive product.


Although they have a long running track record in the sauna business and create saunas that perform well beyond most on the market, you can certainly find something more universal in appearance for the price.