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#8 Red Cedar Steam Sauna by Superior Steam

red cedar steam sauna by superior steam
red cedar steam sauna by superior steam rating

The features of this sauna are plentiful, and some of them exceed what most saunas can provide. With an array of features, the Red Cedar Steam Sauna has a lot to offer to its potential customers. It’s hard to ignore the amount of features that you get with this sauna, but we think that comes with a price.


The appearance of this sauna can best be described as busy, but it manages to pull it off, partially due to its large size. It has a large window next to the door, but the other side of the door is just a wall. The door is located in the middle of the sauna, which is strange for a large sauna, due to functionality and heating efficiency concerns.

Our main concern is the size of the sauna because it is definitely much larger than the rest of the saunas that we have on our list. The Red Cedar Steam Sauna by Superior Steam won’t fit well, or at all, into most standard homes. Its large size is a problem when it comes to finding a spot in your home for the sauna, and the question of whether or not it looks like it belongs there is something to consider.

The features of this sauna are easy to notice. It has all of the elements of a classic sauna with a little extra to entice any shopper.

Highlighted Features of the Red Cedar Sauna

  • Made with clear Red Cedar T&G wood
  • 8 person capacity

    The Red Cedar Steam Sauna says it seats 8 people, but in reality the sauna seats only 6 comfortably. If you wanted to seat 8, it is possible, but when we did it, it felt a bit too crowded.

  • Two tier wrap around benches with skirting
  • Glass panel entry door, bronze tinted, tempered glass
  • Built in dents


Add-ons are extra additions to the features that the stock model sauna comes with. Lighting kits, audio systems, and upgrades on heating components are some of the few extra features you can add to enhance this sauna. However, the add-ons only rack up the price to something even less affordable. Due to the size and price, this sauna would be great for a business or a mansion, but the average sauna shopper may want to look for something a little more tailored to their tastes and home.