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#2 The Rondium By Harvia

the rondium by harvia
the rondium by harvia rating

The Rondium by Harvia is a deluxe sauna with an exclusive appeal and compelling attractiveness. The modern blending of materials, matched with the rounded double doors, create a very visually appealing sauna.


The designers of this sauna really went all out to create something beautiful. Its modern, elegant design features a decorative stainless steel frame embedded with LED accent lights. The rounded front and the edges on the back and sides complement each other well, and promote an atmosphere of functionality and luxury.

Along with the incredible design, the function and features of this sauna are not lacking either. We were impressed by how fast and efficient this sauna was. It shows how much care the engineers took when building this sauna because it outperforms all the average saunas on the market. Another feature we liked was the back support of the multi level seating room. This is possible because the sauna is so large, and is able to fit 6 people at once.

Highlighted Features of the Rondium

  • Rounded double doors
  • Stainless steel accents
  • Multi-level seating to fit 6 people
  • Back support in seating
  • LED lighting


This sauna, as beautiful and exclusive as it is, is perfect for the executive in the modern world; however; this is our only major problem with the sauna, because it demands a lot from your bank account. Obviously this might be too much to spend for most people, but if you can afford $23,000 this is great sauna to add to your life.