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#10 TheraSauna Face-To-Face

therasauna face-to-face
therasauna face-to-face rating

The Face-To-Face Infrared Health Sauna is an eye-catching and functional addition to any home. With a unique, face-to-face seating arrangement, it’s perfect to fit 4 people and enjoy at any time of the day.


The design is like nothing we have seen anywhere else on our list. We would have hoped that the seating arrangement did this sauna a favor by allowing the heating system to properly and consistently give heat to all parts of the sauna no matter where you might sit, but this wasn’t really the case. It seems beyond the sauna's heating capabilities because all the seats didn't receive the same benefits; the majority of the heat remained in the middle of the sauna.

As far as the rest of the design is concerned, we love the completely symmetrical look of this sauna. It fits well with most homes and can be put into corners, be center pieces, or be placed literally anywhere you desire.

The TheraSauna Face-To-Face uses their TheraMitter™ far infrared heating units which are made of 100 percent high glass content ceramic. They produce a better range of heat for the body, which can give the sauna users more medical benefits. We would agree to an extent. Like we mentioned above, the seating situation hinders this sauna's heating capabilities. Because the seats are found on the outer walls of the sauna, the heating function has some trouble with distributing the heat evenly.

Highlighted Feature of the TheraSauna Face-To-Face

  • Handcrafted on allergenic aspen hardwood
  • MPS touch view 7 day programmable control
  • Onboard computer memory
  • 7 external LED roof lights
  • Smoke glass door with 2 side windows


The far infrared heating is lacking in this sauna. It’s actually a shame in this case because the sauna should be able to perform with the new infrared capabilities that are taking over the sauna market. Although a few things need to be fixed here and there, this sauna was overall a working, durable product and we see great potential further down the line.