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#7 Monaco Dynamic Infrared Sauna

monaco dynamic infrared sauna
monaco dynamic infrared sauna rating

The Monaco Dynamic Infrared Sauna is breathtaking. It’s easy to fall in love with a sauna like this when the design is so perfectly engineered, you can’t help but notice it. The glass door and windows all along the front expose a truly beautiful interior.


We love the way this sauna looks. The glass along the front gives the sauna a modern look that goes well with any decor, and will make any home look more exclusive and high end. The bench seats are designed perfectly to go with the glass, which is good, considering you will always see them. The back wall features vertical dowels over the carbon infrared heaters, which enhances the executive appearance above all other saunas in its class.

The Monaco Dynamic Infrared Sauna has a long list of features behind it which makes this sauna even more compelling.

Highlighted Features of the Monaco Dynamic Infrared Sauna

  • 5+ person capacity
  • Natural Canadian Hemlock wood
  • Set includes: Sandglass, thermometer, bucket, scoop and rocks
  • FM-CD Radio with MP3 Aux Connection
  • Interior backrests
  • 2 stationary front tempered glass panels with glass door and stainless steel hinge and handle


With a long list of enticing features on a sauna that is so beautiful like this one, you might wonder why it’s only number 7. This is because the health features and the design efficiency are lacking.

The manufacturers made this sauna so beautiful, but forgot some of the most important aspects of sauna design. Glass transfers heat, even though it's relatively slow compared to other materials. But think about your morning coffee for a second. Would you ever put your coffee in a glass cup? Relative to wood, glass transfers heat much more quickly, which means that heat escapes more easily, the more glass there is in a sauna, and this sauna has an entire side made of glass. On top of that, the glass doesn’t support a vacuum seal, so all of the little openings created by doors and windows on this sauna allow heat to escape, which makes this sauna inefficient. This sauna is also not able to be easily installed as it requires the services of an electrician to get it hooked up to your house.