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#1 Medical Saunas™

medical saunas
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Medical Saunas™ are the very first saunas designed by doctors and recommended by massage therapists, physical therapists, surgeons, and pain specialists. There are many saunas on the market, but most are made by designers that have never gone to medical school. True to their name, the sole purpose of Medical Saunas™ is to help heal your body, mind, and soul. They packed as many medical features into the sauna as they possibly could. It uses the most advanced technology available in 2024 to produce saunas with near zero EMF ratings, and its hemlock exterior is not only visually appealing, but also very durable. The Medical Saunas™ had no problem keeping up with our testing, and the quality of the sauna after the fifth month was the same as when we first got it.

If there is one thing that sets aside Medical Saunas™ from the rest, it’s their attention to detail. Every feature of the sauna has been designed and engineered for health and efficiency, without losing sight of aesthetic appeal. Their attention to detail and dedication to their customer’s health is also evident by the inclusion of documented medical research behind their product, which they make available on their web site for free.


The Medical Sauna Series is beautifully crafted with a traditional design. The minimalist and efficient windows on the sides create a luxurious appeal while not compromising the sauna’s sole purpose—healing. It is easy to install and is shaped to fit into any size home for an immediate lifestyle upgrade.

One of the absolute best features of the Medical Saunas is their heating system, which uses far infrared technology. This technology is the most efficient and beneficial heating system available on the market today.

Ultimately, it’s the sauna’s medical benefits that inspired us to give it the highest rating we have ever given. After each sauna session, we felt revitalized. We noticed our energy levels increased, and any aches or pains we had seemed to disappear from our bodies soon after the session started. Regular use of this sauna also gave us a great chance to sweat out any toxins that were in our bodies. Because their heating system is so powerful, we felt that this sauna actually assisted us in sweating more and giving us a recharging sauna session.

Highlighted Features of the Medical Sauna

  • Rapid Internal Heating System™
  • Detox Therapy – Detox Routine™
  • Circulation Design for heat circulation
  • Roof Vent
  • Tempered glass door
  • Interior reading/chromotherapy lighting system
  • Natural hemlock wood
  • MP3 auxiliary connection
  • Exterior ambient lighting
  • Quiet Atmosphere
  • Energy Efficient with 15% thicker glass and wood panels
  • De - stressor structured design
  • Near ZERO EMF
  • 3D Heat Therapy™
  • Cool Down System
  • Skin Cleansing


The incredible amount of features on this sauna are enough to get anybody excited about this sauna, but it’s the engineering of these features that explains why Medical Saunas™ deserve to have the top spot on our list.