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#3 Steamist Sauna

stemist sauna
stemist sauna rating

A Steamist Sauna is a perfect addition to almost any area in your home. The design is rustic and traditional, and it does not compromise the minimalist, but powerful functionality. Despite its simple packaging, this sauna is able to compete with some of the highest rated saunas in the world. We love almost everything about this sauna.


The sauna room is constructed using furniture-grade Western Red Cedar. All trim and benches are milled with rounded edges, and wood assemblies are secured with invisible underside fasteners, assuring a safe sauna environment.

The performance is nothing to worry about for this sauna. We love it, and you will too. The heating of this unit is quick and active; you don’t have to wait around like a lot of other saunas on this list. This is partially due to its size, since smaller volume areas area are easier to fill with heat.

Highlighted Features of the Steamist Sauna

  • Tempered glass door
  • Assembled headrest/backrest
  • Built-in control and contactor
  • Wall-mounted, vapor-proof, satin-finish cast aluminum


When we really consider the features and how effective the design and space is, it’s no wonder that this sauna made it so far up the list. We can never pass up an opportunity to appreciate a high class, functional design that many people can enjoy. However, $19,000 for a 2-3 person sauna is kind of high price wise, but if you are part of the super rich it is definitely a sauna to consider.