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Finding the right sauna for yourself is hard. A quick Google search reveals hundreds of products claiming to be "the best" and "the most therapeutic experience." While there are some very therapeutic saunas out there, there are also a lot of scams.

With the help of Top10Saunas.com, finding the right sauna for yourself on Father's Day is now easier than ever. You don't have to spend hundreds of hours trying to find the best saunas at the best prices because our excellent team of sauna enthusiasts has already done all of the work for you! We've spent the last 3 years examining 72 different brands of saunas, visiting nearly every venue from Las Vegas trade shows to local sauna stores. We even spent a fortune purchasing a bunch of saunas so we could put them through rigorous tests to see which ones would really last for years of usage.

From all of the testing we did, which brands had the most problems, which ones had the lowest EMF ratings, and which ones had the best heating technology. After our exhaustive research we compiled a list of the best saunas we could find. Some saunas sounded very good, but after testing, they started losing a lot of heat, and when we called the manufacturers for support they stopped answering the phone. That's why we only recommend companies that return all of our calls.

best sauna

After testing most of the saunas on the market, we found that most of them just plain suck. They were not worth the money they were asking for. However, after going through all of the horrible saunas, we were able to find a few that were truly spectacular. Because we put so much work into our analysis, we make it extremely hard to get listed on our Top 10 Chart.

Requirements to Get On Top10Saunas.com

If you would like to be listed on Top10Saunas.com, please make sure your sauna meets the requirements below. If you think your sauna meets or exceeds these requirements, we would love to hear from you. Please send an email with your website address so we can review your saunas. We are extremely selective; only saunas that are better than the current ones will be added.

Overall Performance

EMF ratings, quality of structure, insulation, etc. How does the sauna rate in comparison to other saunas on the market? Is it the better than the rest? Are the features it offers worth the price?

Innovations and Quality

Does this sauna utilize the newest technology? Lots of saunas on the market use technology that was made in 2000. It's 2024! We hate companies that make saunas just for profits. We are sauna enthusiasts, so we only list saunas that use the latest technology.


Is it too hot? Is it too cold? Is it too dry? Can you easily change the settings? Life is rough, so when we step into the sauna we should be able to relax in minutes. How does the sauna experience compare to others? Does this sauna give you the stress free time that you deserve?

Medical Benefits

Does this sauna provide benefits to your health and well being? Will this sauna help improve your health after each use?

Customer Reviews

What did previous customers say about the saunas? We searched through hundreds of pages online to find every single review of what people say about their sauna.

Ease of Use / Installation

How easy is it to install the sauna? Does it take five people and several days to install or can you do it by yourself? Is it so complicated you just want to throw it away after you get it?

Customer Service / Warranty

How is the customer service? Do they pick up the phone? Do they honor their warranty? Are they there to answer your questions when you really need them?


Are you getting the best bang for your buck? Some saunas, although good, are not worth the large investment.


#1 Medical Saunas™

Medical Saunas™ are the very first saunas designed by doctors. It is the only sauna in the entire world that's recommended by pain specialists, massage therapists, physical therapists, and even surgeons. These saunas have near zero EMF ratings, and tons of medical benefits. In addition, they are easy to setup, very durable, and their customer support is responsive. This is one of the best saunas ever built, and every aspect of the sauna, from the floor to the ceiling is hand assembled in their Los Angeles factory. With all the fine details in the Medical Sauna™, it is the best sauna you can get in 2024 and has the biggest discounts for the Father's Day.

medical saunas rating
medical saunas

MSRP $11,999
Father's Day Special:
From $3,599

#2 The Rondium By Harvia

The Rondium by Harvia is a deluxe sauna with pronounced appealing exterior. The modern blending of materials, matched with the rounded double doors create an inviting style. Our biggest concern, however, is the price. If you can afford $18,815 this is a great sauna to buy.

the rondium by harvia rating
the rondium by harvia

MSRP $18,815
Father's Day Special: $16,999

#3 Steamist Sauna

Packed in a very traditional design, the Steamist Sauna is an well-engineered sauna that performs at the highest levels. Effective in many aspects, the performance of the Steamist Sauna is a feature that doesn’t go unnoticed. You will be amazed by the how great the sauna works. Unfortunately, you could find better deals out there when it comes to saunas.

steamist sauna rating
steamist sauna

MSRP $19,100
Father's Day Special: $17,599

#4 Cidro Sauna

The Cidro Sauna is a great sauna designed with a simple, rustic look, and it provides powerful health benefits that we always look for in a sauna. You will be blown away at how much you enjoy sessions inside the sauna, wanting to go back again and again to take advantage of the benefits and how great it makes you feel. The only thing that stops the sauna from being listed higher up on our list is its prohibitive price.

cidro sauna rating
cidro sauna

MSRP $16,488
Father's Day Special: $15,799

#5 Alta Series Sauna

The Alta Series Sauna is absolutely stunning to look at. It features a curved frontal design with full glass doors and a traditional interior design. It also comes equipped with multiple shelves to put your belongings on the outside of the sauna, which is a feature that we would like to see more saunas include. The obvious issue with this sauna, however, is the lack of medical benefits. It tries too hard to get by on looks alone.

alta series sauna rating
alta series sauna

MSRP $14,620
Father's Day Special: $13,000

#6 Finlandia Outdoor Sauna

The Finlandia Outdoor Sauna provides a spacious clear view of the sky with its Starline Skylight Roof. This a great feature that adds an extra spectacular feeling to an experience that is loved by many. However, the function and abilities of the sauna perform much lower than it should, and its appearance will not work for most users' homes.

finlandia outdoor sauna rating
finlandia outdoor sauna

MSRP $12,312
Father's Day Special: $11,799

#7 Monaco Dynamic Infrared Sauna

The Monaco Dynamic Infrared Sauna is breathtaking. It’s easy to fall in love with a sauna like this when the design is so perfectly engineered, you can’t help but take notice. The glass door and windows all along the front exposes everything magical that you need in a sauna, but while this looks nice it results in problems with heating efficiency.

monaco dynamic infrared sauna rating
monaco dynamic infrared sauna

MSRP $8,365
Father's Day Special: $7,999

#8 Red Cedar Steam Sauna by Superior Steam

With an array of features, the Red Cedar Steam Sauna has a lot to offer to its potential customers. It’s hard to ignore the amount of features that you get with this sauna including the add-ons, like a lighting kit either indoor or outdoor, a selection of heaters, and a front accent kit. While add-ons add more value to a great sauna, the size of this sauna may make it harder for an average sauna customer to fit it inside their home, but it would work well for mansions or businesses.

red cedar steam sauna by superior steam rating
red cedar steam sauna by superior steam

MSRP $8,157
Father's Day Special: $7,957

#9 Polar Sauna

A beautifully crafted sauna which will accent any house, the Polar Sauna is something to take note of. We can’t help but notice its sleek and classic design, utilizing lights, and a simple, yet beautiful aesthetic. The performance is not up to par with the rest of the saunas on our list, due to problems with durability.

polar sauna rating
polar sauna

MSRP $8,879
Father's Day Special: $7,999

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Father's Day Special

MSRP $8,879 Starting at $7,999

#10 TheraSauna Face-To-Face

The Face-To-Face Infrared Health Sauna is an eye-catching and functional addition to your home. With a unique, face-to-face seating arrangement, it’s perfect to fit 4 people and enjoy at anytime of the day. The only issue with this sauna is that the heat does not evenly distribute to all the seats in the sauna.

TheraSauna Face-To-Face rating
TheraSauna Face-To-Face

MSRP $7,895
Father's Day Special: $7,595

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Father's Day Special

MSRP $7,895 Starting at $7,595